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Please submit your blog post by email to edcontexts at gmail dot com, including:

1) draft of blog post (maximum 1200 words; Word file attachment, or as a Google Doc link with edit access)

2) brief info about yourself, including your name, college/institution, etc, (1-3 sentences, to help readers get to know you and your context)

3) a headshot of yourself (optional but requested if you’re comfortable including)

4) also optionally, a photo that you took/own which shows something about your context (such as your university, locality, etc–esp. if related to your writing). If include images from other sources, please consider using Creative Commons sources with appropriate attribution (see example).

Some Helpful Notes & Questions for You
If you are new or wondering what to write about and where to start, here are some questions that you may want to look at. [view questions]

  • What is teaching generally like in your place, country, or context?
  • What is exciting, challenging, or striking about teaching the subject that you teach in your country or context?
  • What would you like to know/learn from fellow teachers from other contexts or countries?
  • What insights have you gained as a teacher/educator over the last year or so?
  • What inspiring stories regarding education, teaching, and learning would you like to share with the world?
  • What makes you the teacher that you are? How does your cultural background influence you as a teacher?
  • What do you wish you could change or improve in the field of education in your own context (geographical, cultural, historical)?
  • What moves you as an educator? What do you hope to accomplish being an educator?
  • What is something regarding your context as an educator that you wish the entire world knew about? Why?
  • Whatever approach you take, we just want to hear your voice, your ideas, your experience.

Note that whatever approach you take, we just want to hear your voice, your ideas, your experience, etc.

Once you submit your blog draft, an editor will contact you for any review. If you have questions, please include them in the email or send them via this form.